Maui Majesty

Dr. Janine Holstein

Hi! I am Dr. Janine Holstein. I am the owner and founder of Maui Majesty.  Maui Majesty is dedicated to making our farm-grown medicinal plant properties available to everyone in the safest, purest, and most potent way possible.

One of my biggest passions is food as medicine / plant medicine.

I have many personal experiences of healing through plants that felt miraculous. So I followed my dream and started Maui Majesty, a farm devoted to plants that heal.

My entire life has been dedicated to helping people heal on all levels, including mental, psychological, emotional, physical, spiritual... Truthfully, these all impact each other, and cannot really be separated.

Ever since my mother passed away in 2010 from cancer (or more accurately from the treatments for cancer), I took my plant passion up a notch and made it my life's mission to find and utilize ways of healing that are holistic, wholesome, and come from the earth.

My farming background includes 2 certificates as Master Gardener, one in Los Angeles, CA, through UCLA CCE, and one on Maui, in HI through UH CTAHR. I also completed the Go Farm Hawaii program on Kauai through UH. Most recently I completed the Farm Apprentice Mentorship Program through the Hawaii Farmers Union United. I have been seriously interested in plants as long as I can remember, even from my 1st science fair project in 7th grade. I began taking classes in herbal medicine-making over 25 years ago.

My professional background is as follows. I have a PhD in Clinical Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara, CA, which is a Jungian school of psychology where a depth psychological approach is taken, exploring  archetypes and the collective unconscious. I also have a Master of Social Work (MSW) degree from New York University which is one of the most clinical schools in the nation. Further, I hold a Masters degree in Sociology with an emphasis on family systems from the University of North Texas. This degree program was based in Jerusalem, Israel, called Ma'alot, at Neve Yerushalayim. In Israel, it certifies people for counseling with a sensitivity to the Jewish community.  I currently run a private psychotherapy practice and am a professor of psychology, sociology, social work, and healthcare administration for several universities. I chair doctoral candidate committee for people who are obtaining their own doctorate degrees in social work, counseling, and human service programs.

I have extensive experience in helping people in real and deep ways. I have worked as a psychotherapist, clinical supervisor, clinical director, policy director, and in executive management within behavioral health. I have been recruited by government mental health departments to improve their processes for all state affiliated agencies.

Some of my favorite healing plants include noni, turmeric, Kiawe, hemp (CBG), reishi mushroom, and many more. Most of these plants are already growing on our farm, and some we are just starting.

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