Maui Majesty

The Heart of Maui
Ever deepening our relationship with nature...

PLANT POWER: Maui Majesty's mission is Nature Is Medicine.
PLANTS HEAL. At Maui Majesty, we make plants' healing properties available to you through drying, infusing, and/or pressing plants grown on our farm using only the most pure methods. We believe that keeping plants as close to raw and fresh as possible is usually what brings you the most potent and safe results. We never overheat or add toxic solvents to our plant material, therefore ensuring you get the purest, most potent plant medicine available. Our orchards include kiawe, hemp, strawberry guava, awapuhi, papaya, mango, hibiscus, pomegranate, coconut, bougainvillea, spanish needle, chinese motherwort, wormwood, amarinth, monstera deliciosa, agave, cactus, mallow, lion's ear, noni, dragon fruit, Jacaranda,  lots of citrus, mac nut, banana, lots of grasses for pasture animals, and so much more.

HEMP: We are fully licensed and insured to both grow hemp and make CBD/CBG products for dietary supplements and cosmetics.

We were among the 1st on Maui and in the state of Hawaii to be awarded the Hawaii state license to grow 20 acres of hemp as part of the Hawaii state hemp research pilot program in 2019 in collaboration with the Hawaii State Department of Agriculture. We are federally licensed by the USDA to grow hemp commercially. We are also Hawaii state licensed by the Hawaii Department of Health, Food and Drug Branch to process medicinal hemp  products including CBD, CBG, and all other non-THC cannabinoids for both dietary supplements and cosmetics. We therefore offer products made from our hemp to our product line. We grow both high CBD strains as well as high CBG strains of hemp. Our hemp is compliance tested to be below the 0.3% THC limit, therefore ensuring that it is not psychoactive.

We are a no-kill fiber and breading animal farm.  Our animals include rescue/retired horses, beautiful show quality bearded silkie chickens (several have won awards), majestic peacocks, adorable angora bunnies, wooly sheep (Icelandic, Gotland, and Finn), angora goat, and our family mini yorkie dog, Jackson. We only sell our chickens locally, to Maui residents who want farm fresh eggs and will also love and respect their chickens, especially since bearded silkies have many pet like qualities. We do not sell our animals for meat. We raise animals for their fiber. No animals are harmed in any way for this. They are either brushed (which they love) and the fiber brushes off, or they are sheared as the warmer months approach, so they do not get too hot.

We are a non-toxic (in process to become organic certified) farm whose land has been in pasture for over 1/2 a century, which makes the soil extremely fertile. No animals are killed or harmed here, only treated with the utmost of respect and kindness. Further we promote values of stewardship, respect, and reverence for the land and for each other, as well as sustainability, both of the land, and of ourselves.

We believe in and promote education around living WITH the land, more than living off the land. As a professor at several universities and as a licensed therapist, Dr. Holstein, owner/founder of Maui Majesty, is supremely passionate about this work and works hard to live this way, to live in harmony with nature. We have facilitated work-groups in medicine making, growing food and medicine, and regenerative sustainability. Our courses address topics such as earth batteries, atmospheric water generation, composting toilets, biogas, cob building, passive solar, and other regenerative systems that allow humans to enjoy modern conveniences in a way that is "off-grid", even survivalist some might say. Most importantly we are working on systems that do not use up natural resources faster than the earth can regenerate them, systems that do not cause harm to other living creatures or to the environment, and hopefully sometimes even enhance them. Classes began running during the pandemic for children in homeschool hui's. Some proposed community activities include outdoor screenings of movies like "Kiss The Ground", "In the Mind of Plants", and "David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet" with guided discussions afterward.

The Farm at Maui Majesty is a 24+ acre farm in the heart of Maui, on the slopes of the Haleakalā volcano, in lower Kula on the island of Maui in Hawaii, USA. Our location is incredibly beautiful with bi-coastal ocean views as well as views to the top of Haleakela. While we are in the middle of farm country here, we are only 12 minutes to the major town of Kahului which hosts the main harbor/port, airport, and the main industry of the island. We are just up the road from several other of Maui's famous farms including Surfing Goat Dairy and Ocean Vodka. Some may recognize us from our award winning mailboxes.


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