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Bearded Silkie Laying Hens

$60.00 USD

Adult bearded silkie laying hens for sale. These birds come from show quality stock. Their father/grandfather won 1st place, "Best in Show". Some have placed locally in winning spots as well. We recommend buying at least 2, so that they have each other for companionhip, otherwise, they can tend to get anxious. Bearded silkies have soft hair-like feathers that feel as soft a rabbit's fur. They typically exhibit a more mild mannered temperament and are therefore often enjoyed for their pet-like qualities all the while being able to provide food for humans (eggs). They are a bit smaller than many other chicken breed and so are their eggs. Some people say that they especially enjoy eating silkie eggs because of the heightened favorable taste of their yolks.

$60 for 1
$100 for 2
(Discounted to encourage acquiring 2 or more.)

For Maui only. Shipping Not Available.
Call or email to arrange pickup/delivery.

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